Business Process Outsourcing based Project



One of our Business Process Outsourcing based clients approached our team in relation to some efficiency challenges they were experiencing within one of their newly transitioned (Back Office) Campaigns, impacting the campaign’s overall customer experience and profitability. A number of early observations conducted, identified several complexities, coupled with a distinct lack of  standard operating procedures and an inconsistent approach to the management and distribution of workflow. In addition, the absence of visual and productivity management, were all contributing to the lower than expected productivity, driving overall customer dissatisfaction.

High Level Solutions:

Our project team in collaboration with our client’s Operational Management team, conducted a series of Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen’s) and identified a number of quick wins or (Just Do It) opportunities, all aimed towards driving improved efficiencies, increased productivity and improved NPS scores.

Summary of quick win solutions implemented:

  • Clearly defined and documented Process Maps for critical high volume work flows

  • Introduction and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Signed off investment into the collection, structuring and storage of work flow related data

  • Introduction of visual management to manage daily performance in real time

  • Successful pilot and full scale roll out of a purpose built case (workflow) management tool

  • Introduction of Robotic Process Automation in targeted workflows

Project Dependencies:

 The success or failure of this particular project was heavily dependent on our client’s support, engagement, sponsorship and being given full access to their Operation (in question) from a support, resource (at all levels), systems, processes and data perspective.

Project Deliverable’s:

  • Primary benefits include financial savings in excess of £4K per week, derived off the back of key efficiency improvements delivering an FTE reduction of 35%

  • Secondary benefits include a 33% reduction in the average case handling time 

  • Followed by a 25% uplift in the campaign’s average Net Promoter scores.