Financial Services Based Project



One of our Financial Services based clients approached us with one of their challenges that they were experiencing, involving third party suppliers costs for the removal of important documents (containing customer’s annual credit limit related data) from our client’s headquarters, to various third party supplier warehouses, for storage and safekeeping. These increasing costs were impacting our client’s bottom line.

High Level Solution:

Our project team quickly identified opportunities to improve our client’s customers Annual Credit Limit data removal and storage process. We recommended the elimination of the data retrieval of customers ACLI signed consent documents at store element (process step),  through the introduction of digipads to facilitate customer signatures for ACLI agreement. Further recommendations were made, to introduce an element of Robotic Process Automation on all scanners, streamlining the process of scanning high volumes of documents accurately,  and automatically saving the information directly into the customer data center (data-hub) under the customers personalized folder. These improvements in the original process has positively resulted in the elimination of 3rd party service provider costs and in addition, has delivered further efficiency improvements by making the required Information more readily available for retrieval by the customer and or ombudsman upon request. 

Project Dependencies:

It’s important to note that when considering RPA, there’s no single solution that fits all and suits all. The processes up for consideration for automation should be aligned with a well-considered RPA strategy. This particular project uncovered in-efficiencies and increasing cost which presented the perfect opportunity to implement robotic process automation.

The following critical prerequisites, were met prior to implementation:

  • Repetitive actions following a known pattern 

  • Stable clearly documented processes that don’t frequently change

  • Volumes of accurate & digitized data

  • Stable systems and applications.

Project Deliverable’s:

  • Primary benefits include substantial financial savings (Millions of Rands) annually, through the elimination of external service providers and their associated costs to execute desired process outcomes.

  • Secondary benefits include additional monthly savings (averaging between R12 – 15k) through the reduction and elimination of unwanted lawsuits driven by the Ombudsman in direct response to customer complaints, regarding access to their personal data.