Logistics Based Project:


Project Background:

One of our logistics clients approached us when they started experiencing some challenges with efficiency, specifically relating their “Ore” process turnaround times. The in-efficiencies identified directly impacts the business’s bottom line. We deployed a collaborative approach to the challenges identified and applied a Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC) methodology to validate the problem, measure the scale of impact, identify the Root Cause and Pilot possible solutions, best suited to driving the mandated efficiency improvements required.

High Level Solution:

Our project team designed and developed an optimal plant stacking process, involving the introduction of a two pronged approach to stacking and clearing wagons, creating a streamlined enter and exit process within the plant for each locomotive delivery.

Project Dependencies:

The project success involved the establishment of a core group of Continuous Improvement Champions (trained in various levels of Lean Six Sigma). This core team,  included various Team Leaders, Operators, Operations Managers and Chief Operating Manager, all having various levels of responsibilities and accountability in the monitoring and controlling of the project upon JKLSS Business Improvement Consulting handover.

Project Deliverable’s:

  • An 80% efficiency improvement resulting in increased “Ore” exports, without negatively impacting the overall operating costs.